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Cats 101: Himalayan

Cats 101: Himalayan

Cat Health 101: http://animal.discovery.com/healthy-pets/cat-health-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 More Cats 101 Video: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/cat/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 15% off DVDs and more...

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More Himalayan Cat videos

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Max the crazy Himalayan cat

this max the Himalayan cat acting like a nut.

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Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat Scientific name: Felis catus, Higher classification: Cat, Rank: Breed, Origin: North America, Average Size: 60cm (2ft), Average Weight: 4.5kg (10lbs), Average Life Span:...

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I found himalayan cat with blue eyes in the street

I found himalayan cat with blue eyes in the street.

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Is a Himalayan the Right Cat Breed for You?

The popular Himalayan was created by crossing the Siamese and the Persian and then breeding the offspring. Like the Persian, he has small ears, large round eyes, a snub nose and a sweet expression....

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Funny Himalayan cats from fluffy charm

Fluffy Charm Himalayan Cattery Cats and Kittens play time.

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Himalayan cat Mio showing off tricks.

His name is Mio and he is an almost three year old Himalayan male. This is the first video of him doing his tricks, and I use only his regular food as treats since for him his love of learning...

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This Himalayan Cat Talks Back!

Prissy the Himalayan cat answers when you call her name. She only talks when it's meal time, however, so don't try to engage her in any deep conversations.

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funny himalayan cat

Follow Fluffy on Instagram @kittenkitten_pusspuss.

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Himalayan Cat Care

Himalayan cat care tips.

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Himalayan Cat ~ Cute Himalayan Cat and Kittens

The Himalayan Cat additionally referred to as the hammy and the colorpoint Persian is one of the most popular of all purebred lengthy-haired cat varieties. #HimalayanCat is available in an...

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Cute Playful Himalayan Cat

Check out \

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12 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Himalayan Cat


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Adorable Himalayan cat tricks

Sit and speak... Cutest Himalayan ever.

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Himalayan Cats Ask for Dinner

Ruff & Tuff, Himalayan Siamese cats, impatiently waiting for their tuna fish dinner - AKA \

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Cat & Kitten Care : How to Take Care of a Himalayan Kitten

When taking care of Himalayan kittens, have them examined by a veterinarian, put them on a high-quality diet and get them comfortable with being handled, brushed and cleaned, as they commonly...

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Grooming a Himalayan Cat With Scaredy Cut ®

Booboo was nervous at first but really loved Scaredy Cut ® grooming as she became more relaxed. Thanks to Booboo's owner, Teddy, for letting us work with such a beautiful cat! ====================...

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I like to eat when no one's watching :D.

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Little Girl - Blue Point Doll Face Himalayan Persian Cat

12-24-2009 - Little Girl can't stand to be left downstairs alone; she always runs up the stairs being very vocal and purring loudly. She does this same routine several times a day. She is really...

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Rocky My Himalayan Cat

Rocky first Ride in a car....So curious cat.

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Ragdoll x Himalayan cat Mochi

This is Mochi when idle :-)

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Quick groom for a beautiful Himalayan Cat

The lighting was perfect China & Miley instagram: https://instagram.com/chinanmiley China & Miley twitter: https://twitter.com/chinanmiley Two Himalayan cats, China and Miley. I post videos...

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CFA Himalayan Cat's showing 2006-2007'.

2006-2007 Roadstar's Miss Veedol Himalayan Female.Kitten class.

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Brushing the Himalayan Cat

Brushing the big fluffy Himalayan cat.

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Grumpy Cat. Blue point Himalayan Persian Kitty wants food. Funny video of talking 18 year old cat.

via YouTube Capture Blue Point Himalayan persian cat talking. He looks like a grumpy cat but he is a very sweet 18 year old kitty. Calvin is very vocal and demanding. A true lap cat. He...

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Petting a fluffy Himalayan cat


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