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Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat Scientific name: Felis catus, Higher classification: Cat, Rank: Breed, Origin: North America, Average Size: 60cm (2ft), Average Weight: 4.5kg ...

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Cats 101: Himalayan

Cat Health 101: http://animal.discovery.com/healthy-pets/cat-health-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 More Cats 101 Video: ...

I found himalayan cat with blue eyes in the street

I found himalayan cat with blue eyes in the street.

funny himalayan cat

Follow Fluffy on Instagram @kittenkitten_pusspuss.

Max the crazy Himalayan cat

this max the Himalayan cat acting like a nut.

How To Care For Himalayan Cats | Things to Know About Himalayan Cats

Welcome to Pets and Animals YouTube Channel. Here you'll find a lot of information about Animals and Pets. If you enjoyed this Channel video and want to ...


TOP 10 HIMALAYAN CATS BREEDS ➤http://iheartcats.tv The Himalayan, or Himmie for short, is a Persian in Siamese drag, affectionate but discriminating.

Is a Himalayan the Right Cat Breed for You?

The popular Himalayan was created by crossing the Siamese and the Persian and then breeding the offspring. Like the Persian, he has small ears, large round ...

Himalayan Kitten Christmas - 2016

Himalayan Kitten Christmas - 2016.

How To Identify A Himalayan Cat | Things to Know About Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. Their most defining characteristics are their blue eyes and their long, silky coats. They are docile ...

Himalayan cat Mio showing off tricks.

His name is Mio and he is an almost three year old Himalayan male. This is the first video of him doing his tricks, and I use only his regular food as treats since ...


Cats are all over the internet and if they are small, they are more curious. Meet in this video the 10 breeds of the smallest cats in the world. -HIMALAYAN CAT Do ...

Maintenance comb-out demo on a Himalayan Persian cat

Some basic tools recommendations -- Andis greyhound comb: https://amzn.to/2LXkvOz Andis soft slicker: https://amzn.to/2KxPFqa Long-hair cats, particularly ...

Himalayan Cats Ask for Dinner

Ruff & Tuff, Himalayan Siamese cats, impatiently waiting for their tuna fish dinner - AKA \

Talking demonic Himalayan CAT Ashitaka (SNACKS)

Snacky boy chatters and flaunts his special kitty hunting skills in slow motion .

CFA World Show 2014, Persian Kittens, Purple Show set 5 - himmies

Himalayan Persian kittens in Purple Show class judging. Rachel Anger is the judge.

INTERESTING Himalayan Cat Breeds Facts And Information

INTERESTING Himalayan Cat Breeds Facts And Information - \

Himalayan Cat Care

Himalayan cat care tips.


Check out more Videos: http://bit.ly/2DbEdgI Are you looking for all white cat breeds? What characteristics would you like in your white cat? Take a look at the ...

Himalayan Cat ~ Cute Himalayan Cat and Kittens

The Himalayan Cat additionally referred to as the hammy and the colorpoint Persian is one of the most popular of all purebred lengthy-haired cat varieties.

Cutest Himalayan Cat

Himalayan with straw fettish..... Riley's drinking problem.

Quick groom for a beautiful Himalayan Cat

The lighting was perfect China & Miley instagram: https://instagram.com/chinanmiley China & Miley twitter: https://twitter.com/chinanmiley Two Himalayan cats, ...

Himalayan cat checks for a mate


The Sunny Show: Owning a Himalayan Cat

This is what procrastination looks like, people.

4 week old Cute Himalayan Kitten 3

4 week old Female Himalayan Seal Point.

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